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12 July 2009Â : 2nd Report - 5Rs

Collection of aluminium rings
The second collection of aluminum rings was done on the 25th and 26th of June. A total of 11 classes in the morning session handed in their collection. The classes were as follows: 3C, 3D, 3H, 3I, 4B,4M, 4S, 5B, 5D, 5M and 5S. The total collection was 26,125 rings! A big thank you to all these classes. Therefore, the gross total from the first and second collection is 42, 766 rings!
The three highest collections so far are as follows:-
4S - 12,538
5S - 5,501
3I - 5,257
The last collection will be on the 31st of July after which the top three classes with the most number of rings collected will be announced and prizes awarded. These rings will be donated to the kidney dialysis centres .
Collection of recyclable material
Pupils have been urged to separate their rubbish and throw them into the correct bins according to the label on the bins: PAPER/PLASTIC/OTHERS. A few more cardboard bins labelled "PAPER" or "PLASTIC" have been placed along the corridors to collect recyclable paper or plastic products.
Collection of old newspaper, books, magazines and cardboard containers
The school has decided to go on an aggressive recycling campaign.
During the assembly, the Interactors talked about the importance of recycling. They also demonstrated how to open up and flatten cardboard containers and showed a few examples of cardboard containers which can be recycled, for example, pizza boxes, toothpaste boxes, biscuit and cereal boxes etc.
Pupils and teachers of both sessions have been told to bring these items on the 14th & 15th of July.

3rd July 2009: School 2nd Open Day Report Card Day

The last report card day, the ECOs demonstrated to parents how to prepare eco (garbage) enzyme. This time, the 2nd Open Day, Mrs Rani Wemel, a parent and a committee member of the school PTA managed to get 8000 posters and 600 CDs from Jabatan Alam Sekitar. The PTA showed their commitment to 'green living' in the school by sharing the awareness with parents using posters and CDs. Each parent was given 4 types of posters and a Tak Pa jingle produced by DOE. The CDs were also distributed to all the teachers and school staff.

Prepared by,
ECO Jasmine

22 June 2009: School's  Green CO-OP Day

On the 22nd of June 2009, Koperasi of SMK Sri Permata Berhad had celebrated the fourth School's Co-operative Day. The theme for this year was "Integration of School and Adult Co-operators Road to Excellency". Co-operative Day is celebrated annually on the 22nd June since 1995 to expose school citizens and the community to aware the role played by co-operative to train the students to instill strengthness and good values in them. This year we celebrated with a green theme, in conjunction with the on-going BP myscience Challenge.

Principal Mr Ong Hock Thye who is also The Chairman of School's Co-operative Board Committee officiated the celebration by watering some newly planted Ashoka trees which signified the co-operative's earnest in supporting the BP My Science Challenge.

On the Co-operative Day, the school co-operative had sold some herbs and flowering plants, cactus and garbage enzyme with affordable price at RM3.00. The symbolic drink of co-operative, C2 are sold frozenly at RM 1.20. Profits from items sold, RM250.00 was contributed to the BP My Science Challenge.

Prepared by,
Koperasi of SMK Sri Permata Berhad.

22 June 2009 Tuesday: School Links

The school had a talk based on solar energy on the 23rd of June 2009 by the Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). Four representatives from the Malaysian Nature Society conducted this session. The school's eco team and 3 representatives from each class went into the hall to listen to the talk. We also had the chance to use the solar kit for an experiment.

This talk was then continued by an activity in the class. The 3 representatives from each class had to go back to their class and find some information about solar energy and paste it up on the class notice board. This is done so that all other students who haven't got a chance to attend can also benefit by reading materials on the board.
Prepared by:ECO Christa Tan
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme