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28 March: Earth Hour @ Sri Permata

This year, EARTH HOUR program was transformed into a global election between Earth and global warming. On 28 March 2009(Saturday),8.30P.M (Malaysian time) millions of people around the globe united for one hour and switch off their lights to show that they care about the future.For the first time in history, people of all ages, races, nationalities and background had officially participated in this program.

A short survey was done in SMK Sri Permata on the number of students who participated in the EARTH HOUR program. It was found that of the students had actually participated and this clearly potrays the support conveyed by the student towards the aim of the WWF which is to raise awareness among the public on the current global climate calamity.

Meantime, an interview had been done among a few students. According to Marissa Lee Sher May from class 2 Berani, she and her family went out for a walk in the neighbourhood with their neighbours during the earth hour. She felt wonderful because they had supported the earth hour program. On the other hand, Leong Zhi Quan from class 2 Ikhlas said " I stayed home and had a chat with my family. It was nice contributing some effort to save the enviroment."

Besides that, SMK Sri Permata's headmaster, En. Ong had also taken part in this program. He said " As like everyone else does, i switch off my lights too. But i switch it off from 8.30p.m till 10.00p.m. I was meditating during that time. It was very good because I could use that time wisely to think of things which i have no time to think of. After carrying out these activities, SMK SRI PERMATA is planning to increase the awareness among the students, teachers, and parents.

The Principal is looking forward an increase in the percentage of students taking part in the EARTH HOUR PROGRAM 2010.For more info on EARTH HOUR please visit, http://www.earthhour.org/.

16-18 March :Garden Centre Kick Start

Event Date: 16-23 March 209
Clearing plot of land for Herbal Garden

Miss Liew KY, teacher in-charge of the Herbal Garden started to clear the plot of land for herbal garden.

Event Date: 04 April 2009
Clearing of land for Vegetable Garden

Puan Yong SN, from the Maths and Science Society with Mr Allan Loo from the KPA afternoon session together with their students cleared the plot of land allocated for vegetable garden.
They also got help from the school worker, En Jumali.

According to Pn Yong, after clearing the land, they are preparing the seeds and ... Students will have to take turns to water newly planted seeds.
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme