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16 July: Paper bags from Sun Paper Bag Sdn Bhd

Disamping menjalankan aktiviti pemuliharaan alam di sekolah, pihak sekolah juga telah memohon kepada beberapa buah syarikat untuk mendapatkan sumbangan.
Tujuan permohonan ialah untuk menambah tabung BP myscience dan juga sebagai ganjaran kepada semua pelajar dan guru yang terlibat dalam program ini.

Syarikat Sun Paper Bag telah menderma sebanyak 200 buah paper bag. Kesemua beg-beg telah digunakan sebagai hadiah sempena aktiviti kitar semula: kutipan suratkhabar lama
Pihak sekolah mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Sun Paper Bags atas sokongan yang diberikan di dalam program BP myscience di sekolah.

Cik Zuani

13 - 31 July: Green Corners in Class Notice Board

Aim: to share with other members of the class Green Messages

All classes are encouraged to setup a green corner in their class notice boards with their own creativity. Green messages are posted in order to share with the rest of the students.

After the MNS talk (school links) students who represented their classes are asked to update their boards with what had been shared by the MNS representatives. In this way, the 3 students who came can share what they have learnt with the rest using their green corners.
Incentives like the best board in class will be given bonus points.

Quizes are carried out during Monday assemblies to encourage students to read messages posted on notice board.

13Julai: Projek Wira Alam Jabatan Alam Sekitar

Pada akhir bulan Jun, pihak sekolah memohon ke Jabatan Alam Sekitar untuk menjalankan projek Wira Alam. Projek ini dijalankan dengan tujuan untuk menggalakkan pelajar terus menjalankan aktiviti hijau sepanjang masa. Dengan adanya Buku Aktiviti ini, pelajar perlu menjalankan aktiviti seperti memungut sampah, membuang sampah di tong sampah, menjimat elektrik dan seterusnya.

Terdapat 3 tahap untuk projek ini iaitu Wira Diri, Wira Komuniti dan akhirnya Wira Alam.
Buku aktiviti ini diberi percuma oleh Jabatan Alam Sekitar.

Kempen promosi dijalankan oleh ECO Irfan Rosli, ECO Asyraf dan ECO Adam (sesi petang). Promosi ini berjaya menarik minat 100 orang pelajar Tingkatan 1 dan 2. Buku Aktiviti Wira Diri diterima oleh pihak sekolah pada 7 Julai dan aktiviti dimulakan dengan rasminya 13 Julai 2009. Tempoh menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti adalah antara 1-3bulan.

Untuk keterangan lanjut sila layari laman web: http://www.doe.gov.my/wiraalam/wiraalam.htm

7 July: 200 Green Bags from Jaya Jusco

Disamping menjalankan aktiviti pemuliharaan alam di sekolah, pihak sekolah juga telah memohon kepada beberapa buah syarikat untuk mendapatkan sumbangan.
Tujuan permohonan ialah untuk menambah tabung BP myscience dan juga sebagai ganjaran kepada semua pelajar dan guru yang terlibat dalam program ini.

Syarikat Jaya Jusco telah menderma sebanyak 200 buah beg hijau (green bags). Kesemua beg-beg telah diberikan secara percuma kepada Core Team setiap aktiviti yang dijalankan dan juga staf sekolah.

Pihak sekolah mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Jaya Jusco atas sokongan yang diberikan di dalam program BP myscience di sekolah.

Cik Zuani

2 July: School Electricity Bill Report

May: RM5978.35
June: RM4978.26

Quite a remarkable reduction! Reasons could be due to:
1. Air-conditioner campaign i.e. 230C, please. All air conditioners in the schools have to set at 230C or higher.
2. Constant reminders to teachers and students on 'Switch Me Off' campaign i.e. to switch on the lights and fans ONLY when needed.
3. Reports from teachers on duty that there have been fewer cases of classes not switching off their lights and fan.
4. Classes with reminders on the switches will be given bonus marks.
5. School holidays from the 29 May to 14 June 2009

A Word of Encouragement for All ...

SMK Sri Permata has been very privileged to participate in the BP myScience Challenge that is currently taking place until November 2009. This is an immense challenge to do our part in protecting planet earth. Mr Ong and many teachers have been very supportive and committed to undertake this challenge. Besides aiming to win this challenge, many of us hope to create and instill awareness amongst our students and teachers to do our part in saving mother earth.

We have planned to carry out a number of activities in supporting this massive effort initiated by BP Malaysia. Pn Chua, our BP Challenge coordinator frequently comes to give me updates on the development of activities. She is always bubbling with ideas and very inspiring. Because of her enthusiasm and total involvement, I did not have the heart to reject her when she asked me to write something on BP Challenge. Despite of the fact that I am actually very busy these few days, I try to write. Her latest idea is on rain harvesting. She has discussed with me and I think it is fantastic and workable. She will be bringing the core team to Ma District Turtle Sanctuary on 29 May. I am quite certain that they will bring back exciting experiences and ideas to share with all of us.

To date, all teachers in charge have kicked off their respective projects well. Generally, many are moving on fine except that our students̢۪ involvement has not been very encouraging. However, I can see that teachers are still very committed to making this challenge a success, and I know they will continue to encourage and motivate students to get involved. We are positive that with the right level of encouragement, especially after the mid term exam, we will see better participation of students in our green activities. It will be good to see that every class has green messages, or make green pledges and every class participates in recycling. Recycling is one important activity that can contribute tremendously to reducing the damage mankind is imposing on mother nature. It is a simple task and everyone can do. But instilling awareness and getting students to practise recycling is an uphill task for Pn Shamala and her Interact Club members. Her team will launch off again after the school holidays. I think form teachers play a significant role in achieving results.

They are so many activities to write about. I guess I will just focus on a few that are currently being carried out. Many activities could not be carried out lately because of the mid year exam. Teachers will start them off again after the mid year holidays.

This generation has suffered the impact of technology since a young age, and missed out on the simple pleasures of enjoying nature. Getting them to be involved give them new experiences. These are rare learning opportunities for them. They learn to use garden tools when clearing the Science Garden, getting ready for planting herbal plants. Some learn to differentiate weeds from vegetable seedlings! Like Pn Chua said the other day, many students may not have seen fruit trees, not to mention having the opportunity to pluck the fruits from the trees themselves. Growing up in an urban area actually deprived them from having the fun we teachers had when we were young.

En Zahir and some prefects have planted many fruit trees next to our vegetable plot and on the area next to D Block. He thinks big. He intends to start a papaya garden on the area adjacent to our Strong Room, planting a variety of papaya trees. Imagine when all trees bear fruits, it will be a real joy for our students to see, to touch, to feel and to taste the fruits. I believe this may generate feelings of love for plants in some of them.

So besides greening our school as one of the activities to gain points for BP Challenge, we give them rare experiences that urban students missed. We may even be able to instill a love of nature in them. Well, is this possible? Yes! Let us have this big dream with us.

Miss Liew once talked about putting some garden chairs in the herbal garden and teachers and students can go and enjoy the fresh herbal drinks. I think that's a very creative idea. Making drinks from fresh leaves and drinking it amidst fresh smell of herbs will be a great experience. Herbal tea can refresh us, help us to distress and add plus points to our health. From greening our school to save environment, we reap other benefits as well. I am sure many are looking forward to see our first ever herbal garden of Sri Permata.

It may take a few months of hard work for the herbal garden to take shape, and it will take a year or two of continual effort and work for the trees to bear fruits. But with team effort and support from everyone, we will reach there.

Together we will be able to make a difference.
Sri Permata Boleh!

Pn Yip Chui Yoke
Penolong Kanan Ko-kurikulum
Merangkap Naib Pengerusi
JK BP myscience Challenge

24 June - 3 rd July 2009: School Garden Centre: Our first Vegetable Harvest

Our Vegetable plot produced the first harvest, a 'sawi' with white stems. Our HM, Mr Ong HT was given the honour to harvest the vegetables. Students and ECOs who witnessed the harvesting were thrilled at the size of the veg.

The veg is then distributed among teachers and students.

Our 3"-tall bitter gourd has now grown to a beautiful plant with many yellow tiny flowers. The first bitter gourd was kept as seedlings.
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme