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Recycling Campaign Report

We have been collecting plastic bottles and aluminium tin cans during recess. Students throw these items into bins placed in the canteen. Interact members take turns to be on duty during recess to make sure that students do not throw other items into these bins. The awareness is there among students. However, we want them to rinse the bottles and cans before they discard them so that they can be stored until such time we have enough to sell them off as recyclable materials.

Students have also been requested to bring old newspapers every Friday . The response has not been very good but we will continue to make this request.We have also started a competition among classes to collect 'aluminium rings' from the aluminium tin cans. All classes collect the rings from each student in the class and the total collection from the class is given to the Interact members are in charge.

Altogether there will be 3 collections : 30 April, 25 June and 31 July.

At the end of the 3 collections the 3 classes with the highest , second highest and third highest total collection will be announced and awarded prizes. The first collection was done on the 30 April. 8 out of 23 classes in the morning session handed in their collections.

The total no. of rings collected was 16,500 These classes were 3A, 3I, 4J, 4S, 5A, 5B, 5C and 5S. The 3 highest collections were from 4S which collected 5000 rings, 5A - 4690 rings and 3I-2279 rings .

 Hopefully, more classes will take part in the second collection.

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Pn Shamala
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