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22 June 2009: School's  Green CO-OP Day

On the 22nd of June 2009, Koperasi of SMK Sri Permata Berhad had celebrated the fourth School's Co-operative Day. The theme for this year was "Integration of School and Adult Co-operators Road to Excellency". Co-operative Day is celebrated annually on the 22nd June since 1995 to expose school citizens and the community to aware the role played by co-operative to train the students to instill strengthness and good values in them. This year we celebrated with a green theme, in conjunction with the on-going BP myscience Challenge.

Principal Mr Ong Hock Thye who is also The Chairman of School's Co-operative Board Committee officiated the celebration by watering some newly planted Ashoka trees which signified the co-operative's earnest in supporting the BP My Science Challenge.

On the Co-operative Day, the school co-operative had sold some herbs and flowering plants, cactus and garbage enzyme with affordable price at RM3.00. The symbolic drink of co-operative, C2 are sold frozenly at RM 1.20. Profits from items sold, RM250.00 was contributed to the BP My Science Challenge.

Prepared by,
Koperasi of SMK Sri Permata Berhad.
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme