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15Oct: Planting 40 pots 'pokok besi'@library

On 15th October, Thursday a total of 19 students which had joined the Wira Alam program came to school to beautify the reading corner at the library. We were separated into 3 groups.
From 8 to 8.45 am, group 1 which consists of 7 students were asked to clear the plants while group 2, 6 students, were clearing and cutting the ‘pokok besi’ into smaller pieces to be brought up to the library to plant. On the other hand, group 3 which had 6 students were weeding at the little garden in front of Taman Wawasan.

After cutting the trees and clearing up the place, all 3 groups of students brought those ‘pokok besi’ up to the library. We planted it into 40 medium size pots and watered it all.
Everything was completed around 10am. Our teacher in-charge, Pn. Chua ordered food from the canteen and we enjoyed our meal till 10.15am. We then did some craft work at the assembly ground and pasted it on the eco notice board.

Due to time constraint, we did not managed to finish up the task that teacher gave on that very morning. So, we took it as homework. The task was to ask at least 2 students and a teacher each what do they think of the eco program in school.

We also took a few photographs and were dismissed at the time of 11am.

Prepared by, 16 October, 2009.
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