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Gardening At School's Garden

During PMR week which was held few weeks ago, my friends and I went for gardening in school. Eight of us started at about 8.15 a.m. Together with us was our school teacher Pn.Yong. Some of our activities were pulling the dead weeds out, cleared the soil from unwanted grass and watered the chillie plants.

Gardening was sort of fun even we felt a little tired. We worked together as a team. First, we plucked out all the dead weeds for the reason that it is not functioning anymore. Secondly, we cleared out all the unwanted grass out from the soil followed by loosening the soil. The reason of loosening the soil is to enhance the aeration of the soil.
Lastly, we put some fertilizers on each rows of the soil. We watered the plants as it was dry. After all the hard work, we were rewarded with some rambutans , a cold milo ice , some ‘kuih-muih’ and curry puffs as well. We were happy as we get to lend a hand to teacher and did something we called among ourselves ‘exercise’.

Prepared by, 6 October 2009
(Mohammad Zahin Bin Mohammad Razif)
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