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Why we chose these activities ...

After discussing from the administrator, we decided to have the following activities...

a. recycling campaign (5Rs). 5Rs because we want students and teachers to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Renew and Respect Mother Earth. We could reduce waste by bringing our own cups/containers; we could cut down on styrofoam cups. By reusing bags while shopping, we create lesser rubbish. We also want to encourage each one to recycle - old newspaper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles which we come across every day. Apart from that, students and teachers can renew their ideas to reuse waste, like using a paper boxes as drawers in open shelves. Lastly, the need to respect Mother Earth by not polluting it.

b. eco enzyme (garbage enzyme). Making eco enzyme is not new but many of us do not know we could also reuse perishable waste. So having this activity in school, both perishable and none are put to good use. Many newspaper write-ups about the benefits of eco enzyme are often publish to educate us. So having this activity in school helps to reduce perishable waste produced in the school canteen and our home to good use. Besides that, the enzyme produce can be used to clean school toilets and pour into rivers to reduce the toxicity. The residues can be used as fertilizers in our garden.

c. school garden centre. We decided to plants fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs because we have enough flowering plants around the school. Fruit trees need longer time to mature but they are easier to manage, thus teachers and students need not spend much time in the garden. As we know, herbs have merit in many aspects - both medicinal and for just for herbal teas. Moreover, many students have not seen different kinds of herbs. By having this garden in school, teachers, and students not only able to learn more, they may even able to enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the garden! Growing vegetables require more attention among the 3 types of activities in the School Garden Centre. But because students and teachers are able to harvest between 2-3 months after sowing seeds, this will motivate them to upkeep it. Students and teachers can enjoy the fruit of their labour when plants began to bear fruits.

d. electricity smack down. Reducing the use of electricity is one of BP myscience energy optimization effort. If each student could just reduce 5 minutes of electricity a day, we could save 7500 minutes each day. One small CHANGE makes our planet greener and healthier.
e. water reduction campaign. Why must we reduce water? It's estimated that over 1 billion people live without access to clean drinking water, and that every eight seconds, a young child dies from lack of water or a waterborne disease (http://www.aboutmyplanet.com/environment/reduce-water-money). Turn Off campaign is aimed at training our students and teachers not to waste. If each of us reduces us by just 500ml a day, our school will be able to save 750 litres of water each day. A little each day is much in a year

f. more green more life. This campaign is meant to share with students and teachers that by staying green we could enjoy life too - a healthy life style and at the same time being kind to Mother Earth. We say No to Styrofoam cups. We Gotong Royong to keep our school compound clean. We Pledged! We make things from recyclable items. We use less plastic bags.

g. rakan muda cintai alam. We added this new program to our list because it starts in August and ends in October. The main reason is to keep this green challenge going and at the same time we will be able to generate some fund via this program. Our Wira Alam upkeep the reading corner - "Sudut Bacaan dalam Taman" together with students from the Photography Club, which not only promotes reading habit but also enjoying the sun and fresh air! And to further support this project, we planted 40 pots of 'pokok besi' (translated from Mandarin) stumps. When the green leaves appear, we will have a 'greener' library!

So with all these activities, we hope ... one small change somewhere will make our school environment greener and healthier.

Pn Chua Siwe Geck
Sri Permata @ BP myscience
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme