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21 Oct: Veg Plot Report

On the 21st of August 2009, members from the Science and Mathematics club as well as the teacher in-charge, Pn Yoong S.N and a few afternoon session ECOs came to school in the morning at 8.30 to maintain the garden.

Due to the heavy rain that morning, only about 4 members were present. However, we managed to clear the weeds. We also water the plants and also planted some beans on the empty ground as well as fertilized it.

Besides that, the five of us including Pn Yong had cleaned every part of the garden so that there may be no place for mosquitoes to breed.

After 2 months of hard work, the bittergourd that we planted in the earlier part of the year had bare its fruit. We plucked and realized that there were more than 10 bittergourds which were already ripe.
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme