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21 Aug: 5Rs Report

a)Results of Aluminium rings collection Inter-class Competition
The third and final collection of aluminium rings was held on the 31st of July.
The gross total number of rings collected during the period of the competition was 78,938 !
The winners are as follows:
First : Class 5S - 20,082 rings
Second: Class 4S - 16,082 rings
Third: Class 5C - 15,976 rings

A cash prize of RM 150 in total ,donated by Interact Club of the school , was awarded to each of the above classes .
First :RM 70
Second :RM 50
Third :RM 30
b) Prizes were also given out to the class which brought the most amount of newspapers for the newspaper-collection Inter-class Competition held on the 14th and 15th of July. Each student of Class 5C including the Form-Teacher were given prizes, courtesy of Papermate and Syarikat Chee Wah . This was to reward them for their team-effort and to encourage them to be aware of recycling as one of the ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

The school would like to thank each and every student who participated in these competitions , as this showed their support for the Recycling Program.

Hopefully, this will instill a sense of caring for the environment and make recycling a part of their daily routine.

By: Pn ShamalaTeacher-in-charge
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