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17-18 Jul: Changing fluorescent tubes to energy saving bulbs

During one of the BP myscience meetings in school, Mr. Ong HT, our school HM emphasized the need to reduce electricity bill. One of the ideas shared by Puan Cheah Tean Hong, our Guru Kanan Bidang Kemanusiaan was to change old fluorescent tubes to energy saving bulbs. She also offered to sponsor the cost of the bulbs and workmanship.

We have chosen the row of lights on the 1st floor for 2 reasons:
1. the lights are switched on from 7pm till 7am the next morning every day, and
2. Not easily vandalized because the grills will be locked at night.

11 fluorescent tubes (20w) were changed to energy saving bulbs (11w). Though the difference is only 9 watts, we stand by this phrase ... those who gather little by little will increase it.

Thanks Pn Cheah for your generosity! She also encouraged re-using plastic bags in the house and using tiffin carrier for takeaway food.
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