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20 July: 5Rs Report

Collection of old newspaper, books, magazines and cardboard containers

As planned, pupils and teachers of both sessions brought these items on the 14th & 15th of July. Newspapers, old books and items made from cardboard brought by pupils were stacked in front of their respective classes on the assembly ground. ‘Kelab Pencinta Alam’ members recorded the height of the stack for each class over the 2 days . The collection on the 14th of July was a little disappointing. However , the next day, on the 15th of July , it was impressive! Please refer to table below:
Recyclable Items
Weight (kg)
Tin cans :2
Plastic bottles:18
These items were sold for RM140 and the money channelled to the BP My Science Challenge Fund.
The Recycling Program Committee would like to thank all pupils and teachers who had shown their support by taking part in this activity!
Pupils and teachers have been told to collect recyclable items made from plastic to be brought during the first week of August!

Prepared by: Pn Shamala
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme