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In less than a year of participation in BP myscience Challenge, we have seen many positive and encouraging green results. In this short period, we have substantially succeeded in creating awareness amongst our teachers and students on the need to save our environment and the ways to achieve it.

Continuous emphasis and implementation of recycling, saving water and electricity, growing plants, making eco enzyme and other green practices will definitely create significant results in reducing carbon footprints. We look forward to extend this initiative to year 2010, and strive for continuous improvements for the many years to come. Active participation and exposure to these activities to save planet earth will generate a significant impact on the students. The school aspires to produce a future generation who lives a green lifestyle.

Taking part in Bp myscience Challenge has brought SMK Sri Permata to embark on an exciting “green” journey. And this green journey is not possible without the initiative, dedication, and commitment from the team of teachers and students involved. The tremendous effort and hard work is commendable and has produced ripples of “green” waves to our students. A great heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of them.

Pn Yip Chui Yoke
PK KuKurikulum
Our Main Challenge: Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme